Gary Lane Marketing

Gary Lane has been creating and developing marketable ideas since high school.

An honours graduate in Public Relations from Humber College in Toronto, Gary earned a reputation as an innovative force in the games industry on his way to Hollywood where he would establish himself as a prominent television producer and writer. Gary co-created and produced Straight to the Heart, a romance dating game that was nationally syndicated by MGM/UA. An avid hockey fan, Gary went on to create and produce Hockey Player Magazine, a TV series profiling NHL players that was broadcast on espn2. Gary then spent several years in the ice rink industry wearing a variety of hats from Marketing Director to General Manager and developed working relationships with a number of National Hockey League teams including the Los Angeles Kings, Phoenix Coyotes and Toronto Maple Leafs. While in the ice rink industry, Gary wrote, produced and directed over 40 television commercials and video projects.

A life-long pro-cannabis activist, Gary founded the Underground Games Company in 1983 with the launch of the counter-culture board game – TRAFFICKING (


Based on his hometown streets of Toronto, the object of the Narc and Dealers role-playing spoof is for players to sell a Kilo of Marijuana without getting busted…just like it used to be in the “old days”. While the game experienced stellar sales in Canada, the game was banned in America during the Reagan administration’s Just Say No campaign. 30+ years later, thanks to the internet and the snowballing momentum of sanity, the game is no longer banned…and is now more popular than ever.



In 2003, when Tommy Chong was ridiculously incarcerated for selling bongs, Lane led a brigade at the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade to protest the U.S. government’s lame stand.

When not pushing Trafficking, Gary is a sales, marketing and PR consultant who has worked with cannabis companies like Cannabis Career Institute, Cannaworx, Cannajobs, Freddy Coco and Supreme Organics. A media specialist, Gary has arranged and/or appeared on major news outlets around the continent – from CNN to the CBC. Additionally, Gary is a leading creator and developer of an eclectic array of cannabis-based (and often cannabis-inspired) ventures.

A self-described “merchant of fun”, Gary is also the founder and Commissioner of THE BIG LEBONGSKI Bowling League and Tournaments (The Big Lebongski Data Sheet) -- which features as its championship trophy, a seriously cool, hand-crafted bowling pin shaped bong that is contested seasonally by some of the trippiest bowlers on the planet.

Gary Lane
Los Angeles, CA